Exterior and Interior design and renovation services

In addition to construction services we also work with some of the locally based designers and firms that specialise in improving the appearance and renovating older properties and also helping you to plan the interior and exteriors of your new house.   These companies can provide a very good level of service and craftsmanship at prices much lower than in the west.

If you have seen an example of your ideal home in a magazine and thought that you could never afford to have interior design and decoration then it is worth thinking again.  The designers will work with you to provide you with all the extras that make a house into  a home.

Here are some photos of work we have done recently for one of our clients:

Upgrading a new house. This house was bought as a shell from the developer and the owner then decided to upgrade the interior and pool and garden areas to make what from the outside looks like a nice 3 bedroom house into a comfortable home.


Pool area & furniture
Garden wall and sandwash poolside
Custom built-in kitchen


More Details

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