Krabi Personal Assistant

It isn’t easy coming to a new area or country to do business or to live.   Let me help make life easier for you.

I am happy to offer my services to anyone who is thinking of coming here longterm and need some help figuring out how things are done in Thailand.  I can assist you with everything from helping find the perfect restaurant for a business dinner, to how to pay your monthly electricity bill on your rental house to the cultural aspects such as ‘When should I ‘wai’ people?’ and ‘How much should I tip the waitress?’.

Example of services that I can offer:

Welcome to Krabi. I will meet you at the airport and provide you with your own Thai SIM card so you can be in contact with friends and family cheaply as soon as you arrive. Plus you can familiarise yourself with the Thai currency and how to use ATMs or obtain cash withdrawals over the counter in Thai banks.

A quick introduction to Thai language and culture. Learn the basics of meeting and  greeting people, how to behave politely in different company, subjects you shouldn’t talk about, how to behave in business meetings & negotiations etc I want to help you avoid too much culture shock and make sure you don’t accidentally embarrass yourself or your business partners or Thai friends.

Orientation. Take a day tour to familiarise yourself with the Krabi & Ao Nang areas.  This can be a general sightseeing tour taking in some popular tourist sights or it can be specific for your business, for example you could visit all the luxury housing projects or check out the best resorts or finest beaches.

Ao Nang & Krabi Visitor Hotline. Even if you are only here on holiday there can be times when you need some help to deal with problems that arise.  It isn’t always easy being a tourist in a foreign country. Sometimes you might wish you had help from an honest, friendly person. If you can’t make yourself understood to the hotel staff, have problems with your rental car or need help to organise travel arrangements just let me know.  For a small fee, depending on the service required, I will help take care of your problems and make sure your holiday a happy one with no stress for you.

Ao Nang Tourist Hotline: Tel: 089 741 6006

Getting Settled in to your new home. Whether you are renting or buying a new home you will still have to pay bills, maybe hire a maid or gardener, open a bank account etc.  I can show you how to do these easily and make sure that you don’t have to waste your valuable time.

Nights Out. You will probably get very bored if you have to stay home and watch Thai TV every night.  If you let me know your interests I can recommend good places for you to spend your free time.  Everything from the best places for a sunset cocktail or late night pizza to how to arrange a round of golf or a day at sea on  a yacht or speedboat.

I can help with all this and more . . .

  • Liaising with local help, such as caterers to plan a party or builders to remodel you home.
  • Banking (e.g., opening account, problems with check cashing, wiring money abroad)
  • Dealing with utility companies (e.g., opening and closing cable, internet and phone accounts)
  • Assistance with getting a Thai or international driver’s license
  • Housing (identifying potential neighbourhoods, arranging viewings, negotiating with landlords)
  • Help taking care of visiting friends, relatives or business colleagues

If you would like to use my services, please contact me. See you soon in Krabi!