Housing Developments in the Ao Nang, Krabi Area

River Residence, Ao Nang

Eco Friendly 2 & 3 Bedroom Homes For Sale
Eco Friendly 2 & 3 Bedroom Homes For Sale

This is a boutique development of modern, innovatively designed energy saving homes constructed to suit the Thai climate.  The homes are situated amidst spectacular mountain scenery in a quiet rural area 7 km from Ao Phra Nang and Klong Muang beaches. They offer fresh air, calm and the convenience of being only 5 to 10 minutes drive from shops, restaurants and the beach.

House Designs:

Living in the tropics requires a different architectural approach. Visitors from more moderate climate zones feel that if the weather is hot and humid they must have a hotel room that is fully air-conditioned. That means closed windows. Unfortunately it also means that the visitor never really adapts to the climate.

Locals originally had a different approach. They were satisfied having a roof over their head to protect against rain and sunshine. Walls were almost unknown. The idea is to allow a constant air flow through the living area which cooled the house. Nowadays, Thais build brick and concrete houses too, with walls and doors as in Europe. But these houses don’t have an adequate air flow and they are very hot.

Comfortable tropical architecture requires designing a house that protects against rain and sunshine on the one hand and allows maximal air flow, wind access, on the other hand. Air conditioning is not needed in order to get adjusted to the ambient temperature. The main living area, at least, should be free of airconditioning.

House designs at all feature high ceilings and large doors and windows to ventilate the house. Roofs and walls are also built with insulation in mind – thus reducing or eliminating the need for air-conditioning. The developer has a number of blueprints for houses that can be built on the site. Plans can be customized to suit the buyer’s personal wishes and needs.

Land Plots:

The developer has 16 plots available on 60 years lease to foreign buyers. The plots are large and meant for individuals who enjoy living in a quiet rural setting with enough space to ensure privacy from neighbours. This is in contrast to the often small, narrow plots found on beachfront developments. Plots range is size from 936 to 1,732 sqm.


Plots of land and houses are priced separately to allow buyers the freedom to choose their own plot and type of house they require.

Land is priced from 3,510,000 baht for 936sqm plot to 7,530,000 baht for 1732sqm plot.

House construction cost is fixed at 43,000 Baht/sqm, with optional extras such as swimming pool, car port/storage area, terrace also available.

For example a 660sqm land plot + 160sqm + 2 bedroom home + 32sqm pool + car port/storage area + terrace and basic landscaping is approximately 13,500,000 Baht in total.












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For more information, please contact Ms Pornapa Chalee ‘Pare’, Tel: 089 741 6006 or use the contact form below:

River Residences Ao Nang
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